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October 13, 2014

Think that some feast of water in a small village (as acqua means water?). Can’t say for sure if not a wedding party in real, with many children, free delicious food and elegant ladies. I was almost ready to win a bottle of wine throwing a hoop on it but there were only too young participants around. Fortunately came an evening hour of live music and then we went home to dinner. Exceptional!

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Before sunset

May 01, 2014

A picturesque lake which i remember since first moved here many years ago, just several minutes on foot from home. So close that i can sometimes take only camera and keys in hands as go out for a moment. It stretches for more than 6 km to walk around but that’s a real pleasure to have an evening walk now when everything is getting rich in colors and fragrances.

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What a wonderful world

February 01, 2014


Rose from the series Passion, 2011 (Newton exhibition)

Today we would celebrate Vika Yatsinova birthday, founder and encourager of Newton Gallery, one of the most enjoyable and elegant places in city. Her excellent taste and easy character helped many young artists and fashion designers to realise themselves. “…and i think to myself what a wonderful world…” i’m sure she would like this Tonny Bennett v e r s i o n of jazz classics if was alive today.

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January 07, 2014

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October 28, 2013

I’m so excited to realize that the first printed edition Librobreve came to life these days and thank everybody who made it possible. The book includes 33 photo images of different years from my journeys to the south of Belarus, Italy, France, Switzerland and Lithuania.

Landscapes, open spaces and the world of nature – all these images formed the base of the book and made it particular. At the same time the material is so universal that can be comprehended from the most different points of view. The insight of the book was prompted by the personality of the author. Photographs are not ordered in some certain themes and not make an elaborate plot; they are more likely presented as if occasionally, as in nature. One of the series is based on the effect of “mirror”. Compositions are rather strict and full of space. Such clarity gives variable thoughts and feelings for interpretation. Few tone or disposition accents and variations of same image are not so much for diversity but help you not to lose the sense of reality. Photographs that make another imaginative series have very much in common with traditional arte del paesaggio.  Here are used archetypal themes and techniques and consciously accentuated, deepen those features that so attract people. Book design desires to recreate this idea literally with printing methods. That’s why some images are “installed” into the book in such manner that can be used separately, as “souvenirs”. Every series and even page is thought up to maintain entire airiness and naturalness of the book. This motive becomes the root of the concept which is not so evident but creatively processed.

The idea of the book was not formed immediately. Perhaps the simple and tight appearance was one of the most difficult intentions to carry out when having plenty of thoughts and influences. I asked my friend Olga Klip who was curating her new exhibition project to work some on my photos. As i had no or better to say did not mind about general idea of the book, i not insisted on something concrete, that we need to save something from my favorite. We made first visualization, sorted out several variants. She noticed that many good images are perceived  as very traditional, as old impressionists masters, to her slight disappointment inside however, i felt so. That was so great in fact. When had inspiration for main idea, then it was easy to imagine all details.

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Big times – big cakes…

September 20, 2013


1957, 1965


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New photo-art

August 01, 2013

Italian landscape.  Was taken from the airplane window near Rome in March 2013.

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Lugano Lake

July 30, 2013

This time we had some bread and rented a small boat for two. With driver’s seat on the right somehow. From very first day it was like fixed idea to come here again. We headed straight to our swans and stopped in few meters, as close as possible. And if there is birdwatching then needs to be birdfeeding as some kind of engagement to enjoy, no, to adore birds. Of course we could do the same from waterside or even we could do the same from Italian waterside i should say. Because this lake is partly in Ticino and partly in Lombardy. But this is charm of that place may be. We need to be well-organized and get up from our seat and come to another side of the same lake sometimes.

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Hong Kong exhibition

I sent a photo to an artist from Hong Kong last year in November. She was looking for pictures of blue sky and suggested any of her photos in exchange. I liked one from her waterfront set and was really happy to get it like a postcard from Hong Kong. And to send my picture as i collect sky images and sometimes make collages/drawings from them.

In June not so long ago i received a message from her. She made an interesting project from various sky photos. And my photo within this project was shown during Hong Kong largest Open Studio event Fotanian 2013.

This blue sky photo was taken in Minsk where I’m from in 2008.

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